RCMP’s Role in Enforcing Injunction Order

Ridge Meadows, Media Advisory

2019-02-22 12:46 PST

Maple Ridge, B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP role in enforcing injunction order.

The Ridge Meadows RCMP is aware of the BC Supreme Court order granted to the City of Maple Ridge and the City of Maple Ridge Fire Department dated February 8, 2019, in relation to the St. Anne’s land and Anita Place Camp.

The current civil injunction Court order is granted on the issue of fire safety. The RCMP are hopeful that those residing on the St. Anne’s lands will obey the court order. The RCMP will continue to maintain their keep-the-peace duties during the civil injunction process.

Since the establishment of the camp on May 2, 2017 police have responded to six-hundred-sixty-nine (669) police reports relating to the camp. These reports include eighty-one (81) weapons calls, forty-four (44) assist with medical overdoses, fifty-seven (57) recovered stolen items, and eighty-two (82) arrests.

Police take action on a case by case basis with a focus on enforcement if there are criminal activities that pose a threat to the safety of individuals or property or reports of individuals violating a court ordered injunction.

There are no safe havens in Canada from the Criminal Code and law enforcement.

As always, the primary concerns of police are public safety, police officer safety, and the right to peaceful, lawful and safe protest, within the terms set by the Supreme Court in the injunction.

All questions relating to the City of Maple Ridge’s Court Injunction process should be forwarded to communications@mapleridge.ca or visit www.mapleridge.ca/2215 for more information.

Sergeant Brenda Gresiuk
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows RCMP


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